Concentric Leader 

"CHANGE is Inevitable . . . . . GROWTH is Optional"


Our standard—and our continuing goal—is to offer services that meet rigorous success standards of each client through practical and effective interventions on every level of individual and organizational evolution. Our various forms of intervention include: 1. Direct consultation project by project 2. Leadership Coaching in a didactic manner 3. Virtual Engagement Consultation. 

Our skilled team of leadership and career evolution consultants do more than simply provide insight – they are focused on Constructive change and evolution. Through thorough research and careful design, we assist Individuals and Organizations:

  • Measure leadership strategies, behavioral styles, and skills
  • Identify strengths and evolution opportunities
  • Pinpoint barriers to successful performance
  • Develop Constructive strategies, behavioral styles, and skills
  • Monitor change and improvement over time

The range of services for the individual evolution of leaders, such as senior managers and the broader executive team are comprehensive and empowering for individuals and organizations.  

Our systemic formula follows a progressive thought process including:  Embrace + Evolve + Emerge.