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Being Concentric

Posted on November 22, 2014 at 4:10 PM

Being Concentric

As our first blog I thought it most appropriate to both define and prepare readers of our ambition through the Concentric Leadership Institute.

There are many people seeking a pearl of wisdom in the area of Leadership or Leadership Development.  We were too and that is a large part of what lead us to create this information portal.  You may find a pearl of wisdom here or you may not.  I say you may not because Leadership is one of the most heavily written about professional topics anywhere, be it through the internet or hardcopy books and exercises.

Consistent with our efforts for clients and friends we researched a great deal with the definition of Leader or Leadership like many others.  Recently there was a question posed through one of the internet media sites asking, "What one word best describes Leader to you?"  It was interesting with nearly two thousand responses.  It would appear the majority presented words like, "Integrity" "Trust" "Clarity" and a host of others.  Since I'm writing this blog I thought I would share with you my response because it was the only one to use this word.  The word was/is "Preparedness".  Why Preparedness?

Thus the basic concept of the Concentric Leadership Institute.

In my mind Leaders or those that aspire to be Leaders must work at it before assuming the position and while in any position of Leadership.  As such, going into such a position with the intention of being the very best one can be, in our opinion, requires preparation.  All too often people are promoted, elected or hired into a position of Leadership and are so excited and relived to have the opportunity, they believe the work begins when they arrive.  Unfortunately, the majority of people in Leaderswhip positions today do not prepare by gaining a MINDSET of delivering prior to engaging.

The Concentric Leader has done a considerable amount of homework in areas such as: Structure, Environments, Technologies, Assets and Liabilities.  These are but a few of the areas a Concentric Leader will explore prior to moving into or pursuing a Leadership position.  The knowledge of a Concentric Leader in preparation of making a difference or IMPACT is critical to one's success.

When the word "Concentric" is in front of you it is not too difficult to think of circles or rings.   As a Leader realize there are an unlimited number of circles around you each and every day.  What is their relationship to one another?  How does one make them work in concert?  When is one circle or ring a priority versus others?  Much of this can become a natural thinking process for genuine Leaders versus occupants of this important seat.

The really important point of a Concentric Leader model is the center.  The center is where YOU must place yourself at all times.  You are accountable for the rings or circles.  You are the driver of the rings or circles.  You impact outcomes.  You have a direct IMPACT on the lives of the people within your realm of responsibility - it's really ALL about YOU!  

It's all about how YOU prepared for every engagement as a Leader.  Like the pebble landing in a still pool of water and rings immediately occur upon IMPACT, your role as a Leader has the same IMPACT but with a much mor forceful reaction to you just being there and everything you do and say from the moment you arrive.

We are the navigation team to help indiv iduals and organisations create a consciousness in you to last a very long time.

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