Concentric Leader 

"CHANGE is Inevitable . . . . . GROWTH is Optional"

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Concentric Leadership Institute is a Virtual Consultation, Virtual Coaching and Virtual Professional Development company.  In some settings we are referred to as "Teleconsultants". 

Why Virtual?  The majority of our services can be delivered in a Virtual Context and others can be delivered in person.  The advantages of the Virtual approach is advantageous to clients through the speed in which our services are delivered.  Secondly, the economics or cost to clients is significantly less than that of hiring a traditional consultant and lastly our Virtual delivery of services is an Empowering process boding well for the client as an individual and the organization.

Helping leaders and organizations, skillfully enhance their purpose and effectiveness through focused Leadership and Management.

Providing intelligent Leadership Development services to clients on an individual, group and organization level. The Concentric Leadership Institute provides methods of focus and acceleration to both individual and organization growth. Our services are designed to elevate a sensitivity toward individual, group and organizational IMPACT through a system we brand as Enlightened Empowerment.  

While working with the staff of Concentric Leadership Institute an Enlightened Evolution begins through focus on the IMPACT each Leadership member brings to the professional environment. 

The Concentric Leadership Institute staff uses the most progressive assets to provide services to the interest and challenges of all clients through Consultation, Coaching, Publications, Workshops and Seminars.